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Apr 29, 2016

When Scott McKain totaled his Hertz rental car in New York City traffic, it was the beginning of a remarkable experience that created a customer for life.  Learn how they did it — and how you can duplicate it, without the accident!


Apr 28, 2016

You cannot move from where you are now to where you want to be with only the information that you currently possess.  In today’s program, Scott McKain asks you three critical questions to help you consider the importance of enlightenment as a core value of distinction.


Apr 27, 2016

If the experience that you deliver to your customers is identical to the one the competition is creating, it becomes impossible for you to be perceived as distinctive.  In today’s episode, Scott McKain relates three specific steps that you can take to make your customer experience more unique.


Apr 26, 2016

“Motivational speakers” have said for years it takes 30 days to change a habit — however, research clearly demonstrates they are WRONG.  On this program, Scott McKain reveals the truth about changing habits — it’s a process, not an event.  And, we learn the five specific steps it takes to move to a more...

Apr 25, 2016

One of the most powerful aspects of both your personal and professional lives are the habits that reinforce consistent behavior.  The tension between how you are now — and how distinctive you want to be in the future — can create significant challenges. Scott McKain beings our exploration into habits in today’s...