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Jan 31, 2017

What is the purpose of business?  Today’s PROJECT DISTINCT will provide an answer that Scott McKain created and is often quoted — as well as reveal the three specific areas where you should be concentrating…as well as insight on how to do it.  It’s an important episode of PROJECT DISTINCT!

Jan 30, 2017

The ability to create distinction is one of the most powerful and important tools any professional or business can possess in this hyper-competitive world. On today’s PROJECT DISTINCT, we will examine the precise reasons why it is so critical — and reveal ideas on how YOU can develop “distinct-ability!”

Jan 27, 2017

According to Scott McKain, there are only two types of jobs in any organization.  The problems are that many managers don’t understand that concept — and that employees need your organizations to be clear about which of the two they’re working in or applying for. Today’s PROJECT DISTINCT examines both types...

Jan 26, 2017

Today’s employees are not as loyal to organizations as they are to their respective managers.  So, what does it take to display the attitude that will inspire your top people to be committed to both you and your business?  In today’s PROJECT DISTINCT, Scott McKain reviews why it’s so critical for you to display...

Jan 25, 2017

Most businesses think of the economic value that they create for customers — and ascertain what price establishes the best opportunity to turn that value into a sale.  The problem is that in today’s world, customers are using more than one currency.  The critical aspect is that one — money — is a renewable...